Perfume Roses

These magical roses come from our Perfume Flowers collection. The reason behind their name is the fact that they are scented. It may be that you have never seen more beautiful garden roses than these.
Take a look at how to arrange them and discover who our new florist is! Take part in our community on social media and give her a warm welcome!

English David Austin roses, French Meilland Jardin & Parfum roses and Japanese Wabara roses take part in our Perfume Roses collection. From light pink, beige and white colours to coral, red and dark brown. This collection holds the whole colour palette needed for a stylish arrangement. And let’s not forget how perfect the flower heads are.

“Charming and kind but serious and very talented. That would be the best description of our new team member. She is one of the leading florists here in The Netherlands, with a long experience in very exclusive wedding and floral arrangements.

We hope that she will be a great example for all our new florists who are still eager to learn. And that you will find her work inspirational enough to apply some of the ideas to your own way of working.” – from Summer Flowers 2021.

The biggest announcement of this week – introducing Sanne! Our source of creative ideas and inspirational work that will be introduced to you on our blogs and social media. Take a moment to give her a warm welcome on our Instagram today!

For this week’s topic, we have decided to go with a few of the lovely garden roses from the collection. Rosa Garden Julietta Spray, Rosa Garden Pinky Pie! and Rosa La Garden Elaine! were used in the arrangement from the photo. For the green, we recommend using Eucalyptus or you can use Sanguisorba Arnhem.
Take a closer look at the flowers on the slider below.

When arranging this bouquet, Sanne showed us the perfect combination of the Julietta and Pinky Pie rose. While Julietta gives you that sharp pink and colourful look, Pinky Pie tones it down with its creamy and soft colours. Not to mention that Pinky Pie buds are so massive and unbelievably beautiful, that your clients will not be able to take their eyes off them. Together they smell incredible which makes them perfect for a wedding bouquet.
In case you want to diversify your arrangement a bit, you can add La Garden Elaine rose as well. It is the perfect addition without making it too colourful.

Our talented florist created another version of the arrangement with Sanguisorba Arnhem. You can see this version on our Instagram story and highlights. Deep red flowers in the shape of small bubbles were popping out of everywhere creating this dramatic and fun look. Definitely a go to flower in case you want to spice it up a little bit.

If you are the type that likes to keep it simple, putting only roses together or adding only a small bit of light coloured Eucalyptus is far good enough. These roses know how to carry themselves and take all the attention!

Caring tips and procedure:

  • Process the flowers as soon as they arrive
  • Carefully remove the plastic sleeves and the inner corrugated cardboard sleeve
  • Cut the stems and place the flowers in the water
  • Add Eucalyptus or Sanguisorba
  • Add flower nutrients
  • Note that it can take up to 4-5 days before the flowers are fully open (in case of a wedding or an event)